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The Wellesley Free Library Foundation, a private 501(c)(3) corporation, is dedicated to funding the aspects of the Wellesley Free Library that our community cherishes. While the town budget caters to essential resources and staffing, The Library Foundation plays a crucial role in funding beloved elements such as our interactive play spaces, coding classes for children, ESOL and financial programs for adults, technology tutoring for older patrons, and more.

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Discover how the Wellesley Free Library Foundation is dedicated to enriching your library experience through innovative technology advancements and inviting building enhancements, creating a dynamic space where learning and exploration thrive.

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Learn how your support can make a lasting impact on the Wellesley Free Library Foundation's initiatives, empowering us to continue providing enriching resources and programs for our vibrant community.

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The Wellesley Free Library Foundation raises and manages private funds to enhance our exceptional library. We rely on generous community donations, both big and small, to support key improvements. We’re grateful to work with strong partners, the Trustees and Friends, who share our mission to make Wellesley Free Library the best it can be!

The Foundation extends crucial support to the Library’s English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) services, fostering an inclusive learning environment for individuals striving to enhance their English language proficiency. By facilitating specialized language programs, conversation groups, and dedicated tutoring, the foundation helps empower non-native English speakers to enhance their communication abilities and engage more actively within the Wellesley community.

The Foundation plays a vital role in supporting outreach efforts that benefit the entire community. By actively contributing to Library services, The Foundation ensures enhanced offerings for diverse groups, including young patrons, those with special needs, adults, seniors, and economically disadvantaged residents. This commitment to inclusivity underscores The Foundation’s dedication to making the Library a valuable resource for all members of the community.

The Foundation has significantly advanced the Library’s technology services, particularly during the pandemic and renovation period. Foundation funds support enhancements to help bridge the digital divide and promote inclusivity in our increasingly interconnected world. Access to free trainings and equipment in Jackie’s Room is crucial for individuals who may not have the means to own personal devices or afford internet services.

Through The Foundation’s unwavering support, the Library’s shelves are adorned with an array of captivating reads and digital offerings are available to cater to diverse interests and age groups. This commitment ensures that our beloved library remains a vibrant hub of knowledge, continuously expanding its literary offerings to inspire and engage residents of all backgrounds. 

The Foundation has been a driving force in fostering the unique charm and vibrancy of the Fells Branch, providing pivotal operating funds for nearly a decade. Since FY18, The Foundation’s passionate support remains evident, particularly in sustaining the Heroes Garden, an enchanting outdoor haven named for first responders. With an animated commitment, The Foundation ensures the Heroes Garden flourishes, offering a dynamic space for children’s programs and promoting environmental appreciation, embracing the natural wonders of Wellesley for the town’s youngest residents.

The Foundation passionately champions special projects that uplift and enrich the library experience. In 2021, we completed a Capital Campaign to renovate the Main Branch. We invested $600,000 to transform the building including the new Children’s Room, Common Room and 8 new meeting rooms. Additionally, we added $500,000 to build our endowment for the long-term. Through direct funding and dedicated support, The Foundation sponsored the installation of the inspiring public art sculpture, “Reach for Knowledge,” by Nancy Schön, fostering a welcoming entrance for all visitors. 

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APRIL 11, 2024

Wellesley Free Library Foundation Gala

Every other year, The Wellesley Free Library Foundation hosts its highly anticipated Gala fundraiser, a signature event that unites the community in support of the library's mission. Sponsorship packages are available.

May 2025 - Final Date TBD

Books in Bloom

Experience and explore the WFL in a unique way viewing stunning floral interpretations of your favorite books by talented local florists. Enjoy an open bar with live music, delicious raw bar, cheese spreads, raffles and more. Sponsorship packages are available. This event occurs every other year. *This event usually sells out